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father force me to abort my baby even if I myself don

At first we did decide that we were going to do it but it was earlier in my pregnancy but he never came through with the money. Now I am 4 months pregnant and I decided that I want to keep my baby. I don''t want an abortion "Jintropin (Gensci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.)" at all anymore. But he is threatening to take me to court for full custody if I don''t abort. He is real disrespectful towards me as well. I''m not trying to be selfish but I just don''t want an abortion anymore. Sorry!! I changed my mind. I am also afraid to tell him that I want to keep it. Everytime I do we end up in a heated argument. At times I "Anabolika Definition" can be kind of scared of him. He''s not physically abusive but Anavar Que Es verbal/mental and emotionally abusive. He is basically calling me stupid for wanting to keep my baby. Equipoise All Year But just because HE doesn''t want it, should I abort it? It''s mine too, I want my baby! But what about my happiness. Plus he doesn''t take care of the first child he has by his ex. Which I found out about after I found out I was pregnant. Someone please help!No he can''t force you to get an abortion. Abortion is murdering your own flesh and blood "Anadrol 50" when its not your decision to make when your baby dies. Or your boyfriends. Of course he doesn''t want another baby cause he doesn''t even take care of his first one! You will regret your abortion for a lifetime if you do! At least adoption if you guys don;t "Oxandrolone Powder India" want the responsibility. But next time don''t have unprotected sex if you don''t know the person you are with is capable of fathering a possible baby. In which hes not. and if he takes you to court, they are going to see that he doesn''t care for his first child, and arent going to give the baby to a father who wanted to MURDER the baby in the first place. Take responsibility for your actions. Be a woman! You don''t have to be a mother but you can help someone else that is dying to. It''s like yeah whatever, shut up and do what I say! I am afraid in some way that he may do something to harm me but maybe I''m jumping to conclusions. But I feel like you can''t just run away from your responsiblity. We are all adults we all know what happens when you have unprotected sex,. I want to be a woman, be responsible and raise my baby to be the best human being possible. But I think I am either going to have to lie to him and tell him I aborted but didn''t. Or tell him I''m keeping it and stay the hell away from him. Either way he won''t be involved. What to do?If this is something you want for yourself and something yopu plan on not relying on anyone and anything to help you with then do it. I personally dont believe in ab ortionms if you can lay down to do it then its not fair to murder someone on the strength of your unresponsible actions. You dont want to make the biggest mistake of your life if your not ready to abort and you just do it for him, you will never forgive yourself. so whatever decision you make, make it for you. Other things you can think about is adoptionn if you decide Equipoise Ethics to late that thisn is not something you wanna go through.

My answer is keep the baby!!!The father has say in YOUR GUYS decision but overall its really the mother choice. The real answer is, is this really something you "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" are willing to live with your whole life. My sister in law and my brother last year had gotten pregnant he wanted her to abort and she wasnt so sure. in the end she got an abortion and everytime she is reminded about it and she would cry to us in regret. Just 3 months ago, me and her had gotten pregnant at the same time. This time they were thinking about having it. Come to find out she had a miscairage 2 months into the pregnancy. If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional. Please review the Terms of Use before using this site. Your use of the site indicates your agreement to be bound by the Terms of Use.